We travelled here along an interesting and winding road.


August, 2009 – Alltock Procrastinators’ Clock for Mac OS X

Inspired by Guy Kawasaki, Brad Hutchings created his first procrastinators’ clock that ran in the menu bar of Mac OS X. Guy profiled it an American Express OPEN Forum blog, and we got thousands of downloads. Get Alltock for free from our original website.

Brad dreamed of one day having a wall clock and a watch that showed Procrastinator Time.

August, 2011 – Alltock Procrastinators’ Clock for Android

Some free time, a rooted Nook Color, and a spare Android phone made a desk/wall Procrastinators’ Clock a possibility. A few weeks of experimenting with Android development yielded a released product. Get a free trial from the Android Market.

November, 2011 – Alltock Christmas Clock for WIMM

When Brad read about the WIMM One Developer Kit on Engadget in early November, he realized that it might be the chance to put a Procrastinator Clock on a watch. He ordered with WIMM One, played with it for a few days, and ported the Android version over.

Brad shared his first Alltock Christmas watchface just before Thanksgiving. Friends provided ideas like the Christmas countdown and the snowstorm. 

January, 2012 – Alltock Be Mine!

WIMM held a contest for apps for its devices. Brad had been working to clean up the watchface source to share among a large collection of future holiday and life event watchfaces. With Valentines Day approaching, the Alltock Be Mine! watchface would be the contest entry.

And it was a winner! Thanks, WIMM! We’ll be working hard to provide a complete holiday collection and much more for the WIMM platform.

March, 2012 – Alltock Monogram

Inspired by a suggestion in the forums for an “elevator watch”, Brad created a watchface with a wide center, hours on the left, and minutes on the right. What to do with that huge center?!? After a couple days of wearing and showing to friends, someone suggested a monogram.

Brad shared his first Alltock Monogram watchface after Valentine’s Day.